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Have you got backups? Real backups?



So many people underestimate the importance of backups… When a hard drive fails, it can be without any warning. One day the computer won’t start, and you have lost it all!


Fortunately there are many cheap and easy options. Most people use a usb hard drive – this is good, but it is the sort of thing that doesn’t get done very often, so you end up with old backups.


So, here are the best options (all cloud based and automatic – far safer and much more reliable).



Dropbox– With Dropbox you can get 2.5GB for free. When you install Dropbox, it creates a folder on your computer. Anything you place into this folder is backed up, and when you make changes, the backup is updated. It is ridiculously easy.

Google Drive– Pretty much just the Google version of Dropbox, but you get 15GB of storage, shared across all your Google accounts. Great if you already have a Gmail account, as you already have access to Drive.

If you want to store more, you can upgrade Dropbox to 100GB for $9.99USD/month or $99.00USD/year, and Google will give you the same for $5.00USD/month.


Full Backups/Large amounts of data:

My recommendation for large data storage and full backups is Crashplan – they will give you unlimited data backup for a great monthly price! It is all automatic, and you can re-download your backups any time, in full or in part.


Please give Michelsen Computer Services a call to get set up with your own automatic backup system!


Tuesday, February 20, 2018

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