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Is your phone too smart?

Maybe you need the new ‘anti-smartphone’ – the calling only device designed to allow you to disconnect. It connects with your existing smartphone, allowing you to break free from the world of text messages, Facebook and Snapchat. No more beeping in the middle of a nice dinner. No more unexpected Facebook messages in the parisian park while you eat your snails and french toast with your wife Angelina Jolie. You need the Light Phone.

The Light Phone is a project created by Kaiwai Tang and Joe Hollier after meeting at a design incubator. It is sleek and smooth with glowing numbers, a clock, and nothing else. Designed to slip into your wallet or handbag, the Light Phone enables you to remove the distraction without missing important calls. Maybe you need to keep your smartphone safely at home while you go riding on the rocket bungy. Maybe you are going away from a power source for days on end. Maybe you just hate text messages. Whatever your reason, this slick device will be available soon for around $100USD after its Light Phone Kickstarter campaign was fully funded in an amazing 8 days! See below for more info…

Tuesday, February 20, 2018

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